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Churches and Mining Network

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  • Red Iglesias y Miner�a- nodo Per�

    • Lima, Peru
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The Churches and Mining Network is driven by the urge to reflect on the Christian faith, seek joint answers and exchange experiences and knowledge, in order to face the challenges of an increasingly aggressive, extractive and predatory mining industry that threatens nature, the environment, and culture and life of many local communities The Churches and Mining Network is committed to strengthening popular movements and sectors, democratic values, gender equality, respect for multiculturalism, interreligious dialogue, and ecumenism while believing in the creative capacity of human beings, in the strength of popular organizations, in the importance of solidarity, mystique and the commitment of communities of faith. The main focus is on offering defense to victims whose rights have been violated by industries linked to mining.


Founded in 2013, the Churches and Mining Network's first meeting underlined the importance of grassroots organizations to the churches, and the importance of including this scope within the debates and exchanges between the churches of each Christian community. In 2014, Iglesias y Miner�a met in Brasilia, where deeper discussions were held on issues such as the Socio-environmental violence of mining, international coordination for dialogue, advocacy, dialogue between Christian communities, the contributions of education, biblical-pastoral reflection and communication. This meeting included 90 people who represented 14 different nationalities and was called for by the Brazilian Bishops' Conference with the support of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops and international entities such as CAFOD, MISEREOR, CIDSE, Franciscans International, Development and Peace.