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Churches Together in Britain and Ireland

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Work in partnership with the four National Ecumenical Instruments; Facilitate effective collaborative working; Create appropriate ecumenical space; Be an expression of the churches' shared commitment to four nations ecumenism; Work with the widest range of partners; Listen closely, and respond to the shared needs and aspirations of the churches; Resource the work of the churches, agencies, networks and bodies in association with CTBI; Recognise and work with complexity; Offer theological reflection across the shared areas of work


Following the outcome of the Swanwick Declaration in 1987, the British Council of Churches emerged as the Council of Churches in Britain and Ireland, developing alongside ecumenical instruments – Action for Churches Together in Scotland, CYTUN (Churches Together in Wales), Churches Together in England and the Irish Council of Churches – to help embrace other Christian churches in smaller communities. The Council of Churches in Britain and Ireland subsequently became Churches Together in Britain and Ireland.

IRD Activities

  • Interfaith Conference

    The conference aimed to open up a rich conversation about the Bible in the context of religious pluralism, drawing together academics and practitioners to explore this important topic from a range of perspectives. It explored the nature of the Bible, approaches to reading the Bible together, other religious traditions reading Christian Scripture, and Christians reading other scriptures

  • Inter Faith Theological Advisory Group (IFTAG)

    IFTAG is a theological task group that resources the wider ecumenical work across the Four Nations in the area of the churches' engagement with issues of religious plurality. Its purpose is to resource different aspects of ecumenical work, and is an advisory group of CTBI. IFTAG reflects theologically on issues pertinent to the Churches relationship to people of other faiths. Some of the investigated issues include the theological rationale for engaging in multi-lateral interfaith bodies, defensiveness as an aspect of religious identity, the relationship between ecumenical and inter faith dialogue. From time to time IFTAG organises conferences, seminars, and colloquiums

  • Inter Faith Week

    Inter Faith Week is seen as an opportunity to strengthen good inter faith relations at all levels, increase awareness of the different and distinct faith communities in the UK, in particular celebrating and building on the contribution which their members make to their neighbourhoods and to wider society, increase understanding between people of religious and nonreligious beliefs.

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