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Clergy Beyond Borders

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    • PO Box 1976, Frederick, MD 21702, USA
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Empower religious leaders to explore and utilize the resources of their diverse religious traditions in promoting authentic dialogue, inter-religious understanding, justice and world peace; combat the perverse use of religious teachings and traditions to justify violence and discrimination against people and institutions.


Foundation in 2010, Frederick, MA, USA.

IRD Activities

  • Caravan of Reconciliation

    This program is to shore up local interfaith efforts where they exist, while sowing new seeds of cooperation and inter-religious understanding where none have flourished. CBB offers training for religious leaders along with inspirational programs for youth and general audiences in communities which have exhibited disruptions to interfaith harmony as well as in communities seeking to prevent such problems, increase inter-religious cooperation more widely, and promote pluralism and tolerance

  • Reconciliation Ride

    In an effort to return the USA to more respectful pluralism and increase inter-religious understanding, this project, the thought journey, has been launched. Religions, including Judaism, Christianity and Islam, stress the importance of careful speech about others. And the United States Constitution guarantees freedom of, and from, religion. But suspicions, slander, and misleading statements about entire faith communities are common in informal talk and in the public square. This deteriorating situation threatens religious pluralism within the USA

  • '14 Middle East Caravan

    This initiative targets important policy discussions to solidify hopes and visions for more integrated, better protected, Arab Christian communities across the Middle East and North Africa.

  • Main Focus Countries of Activities

    USA - USA - Jordan - State of Palestine