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Coexist Foundation

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Address the crisis of understanding that tears at the social fabric of societies around the world; advance social cohesion through education and innovation.


Foundation in 2006.

IRD Activities

  • Nurani

    A cross-language open source platform for interreligious dialogue. The goal is to facilitate improved understanding between different faith communities and between speakers of Arabic and English

  • Sites of Coexistence

    This program brings people together across divided communities to preserve, protect, and maintain sites of historical, cultural, or religious significance. Working together to preserve a common heritage furthers the knowledge, relationships, and shared action, which increases cohesion and establishes a shared future. The preserved sites become a communal symbol, sustaining diversity and historical legacy in these regions of conflict. This initiative includes the Coexist Foundation in St Jean Cap Ferrat in France, the Tent at St. Ethelburga's Center, Para Daeza – A Three Faiths Garden in London, and inter-communal assistance in Mosul

  • Collaborative Action

    The program incubates projects that enable communities in conflict to overcome societal divisions through professional partnerships that create an integrated workforce. Collaborative Action enhances social cohesion by fostering knowledge, positive relationships, and shared action between diverse groups. The initiative includes Coexist Coffee Uganda where members from the Christian, Muslim, and Jewish communities farm together to produce organic, small batch coffee, and Coexist T-Shirts India that brings over 25,000 farmers from Muslim, Hindu, Christian and various caste backgrounds together from 413 villages, helping overcome the cycle of hate and violence

  • Amplifying Voices

    This program strengthens communities by working with local civic leaders, artists, academics, and activists to amplify narratives of coexistence and stories of constructive social action. Through public events, digital engagement, online tools, and media campaigns, the Amplifying Voices program empowers the wider public to engage in constructive civic action and brings coexistence into the mainstream. The initiative includes the Coexist Prize, and the Coexist Forum

  • Global Citizenship Education

    The program equips students of all ages with tools to navigate and succeed within a globalised workforce and overcome the divisions that plague communities with prejudice, hate and violence. Coexist's GCE program actively creates sustainable platforms for cross-cultural and inter-religious exchange. Global Citizenship Education projects promote dialogue and reconciliation among diverse groups and encourage social cohesion on an international scale. Initiative includes cooperation with Cambridge University aiming at training senior faith officials in leadership skills, the Eudaemonia Conferences providing training to religious education teachers and school managers, the Gallup 'Poll of the Islamic World', Understanding Faiths, an innovative on-line education platform designed to give an accessible but thorough introduction to the world faiths

  • Schools Across Divides

    Coexist advances schools in divided communities where children learn side-by-side in integrated classrooms. Schools Across Divides projects focus in areas that are susceptible to instability and unrest due to pronounced cultural, religious, and ethnic fault lines. Learning together at a young age develops knowledge, relationships, and shared action, advancing social cohesion, and breaking the cycle of conflict. In frames of this initiative the first Mosintuwu Children’s Peace Festival was held to create a meeting space for children from different religions and ethnic backgrounds. It made possible a variety of activities through arts and culture, including an exploration of local wisdom and insight. The Festival’s overall aim is to encourage children’s voices to be heard as we create peace in post-conflict Poso, Indonesia.

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