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    • Case Postale 5732, CH-1002, Lausanne, Switzerland
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Promote coexistence and dialogue, in particular by hosting mixed groups of Israelis and Palestinians for short stays in Switzerland, and encouraging exchanges with Switzerland, welcoming the Swiss host families for short stays in Israel and Palestine.


Coexistences was born in 2007 as a result of the stay of sixteen young Israeli and Palestinian girls in families of Lausanne in August 2006.

IRD Activities

  • Hosting of Religious Leaders to Promote Mutual Dialogue

    A group of Muslim, Jewish, Christian, and Druze religious leaders who occupy judicial positions in Israel came to Switzerland and participated in joint activities, including roundtables on interfaith dialogue, in order to promote social peace and share the fundamental values common to their religions

  • Women in Motion

    Zahava Neuberger is an orthodox Jewish mediator who runs interfaith dialogue groups of Muslim, Bedouin, Christian, and orthodox Jewish women since 2003. The project consists of inviting to Switzerland one of these dialogue groups which has been working for years, in order to consolidate friendship between participants, find other ways to coexist in an environment far from conflict, and develop inter-community projects.

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