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Collective of Feminist Theologians of Peru

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  • Colectivo de Te�logas Feministas del Peru

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Within the framework of Critical Feminist Liberation Theologies - TFCL seeks to de-construct traditional theologies, making visible their patriarchal origin, legitimizing the various expressions of spirituality that allow women to become aware of their identity as a historical, ethical-political and theological history. This is done through training and capacity building, research, production of knowledge, and political advocacy. The Collective is guided by the principles of dignity, freedom, equality, justice, inclusion, and sisterhood.


The Collective was established in 2013 as an initiative of teachers of the Gender and Feminist Theology courses of the Faculty of Theology and Religion - AETE. The Collective is formed in a way where members can share and reflect on the biblical reinterpretetation of feminist actions. The group is open to anyone who wants to join. The Collective hosts the Congress on Gender and Religions every two years where they bring together men and women who wish to delve into the topic of gender from within their fiields of interest. The Collective of Feminist Theologians of Peru has managed to unite various organizations that meet to collaborate in workshops and accompaniment

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  • . Knowledge production, research, and systemization with a focus on feminist and queen theologies

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