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Colombian assembly of religions and spiritualities

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  • Asamblea Colombiana de las Religiones y las Espiritualidades

    • Calle 130 d # 85-54 Bogot� - Colombia.
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Strengthening the rights of the religious and spiritual sector. It is established with the mission of defending God before society, through the promotion of universal ethical and moral principles and values, and the praxis of interreligious cooperation.


The Colombian Assembly of Religions and Spiritualities (ACRE) is inaugurated in the Paraninfo of the American School of Bogot�, through the Declaration of Installation proclaimed on September 4, 2013 with the approval and signature of leaders of 40 religious and spiritual denominations of the national scopen. This interreligious work initiative aimed at integrating, developing and visualizing alliances and initiatives between religious and spiritual institutions matures as a special project of the Teusaquillo Territory of Peace entity in the period from 2011 to 2013. During 2014, different interreligious forums and activities were held on theological and integration issues in the company of the Confederation of the Sons of Abraham (C.H.A). In November 2014, ideological differences began between some of the members of the new board of directors of A.C.R.E, which caused the membership to be cut in half, forcing the start of a new restructuring of the statutes that were deferred from the parent letter. After the general assembly of February 2015, C.H.A is adhered to as a special project of A.C.R.E and the new board of directors is ratified and supported for a new start of the assembly. After several deliberations, the decision was made to legalize A.C.R.E before the Ministry of the Interior as a Federation. In the month of November 2014, a large group of pastors, clergymen and leaders, belonging to and representatives of various churches and confessions of faith established throughout the national territory, aware of the need to group together and be represented by an entity of national scope Before the government and other national, regional and local authorities, as well as international ones, they decided to organize and form the Colombian Assembly of Religions and Spiritualities (ACRE) as a FEDERATION.

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  • .Forums, conferences and meetings on Religious Freedom, Bogota, Colombia 2. Participation in government bodies promoting religious freedom 3. participation in the high council of human rights of the Presidency of the Republic of Colombia

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