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Commision of the Bishops’ Conference of the European Community

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  • Kommission der Bischofskonferenzen der Europäischen Gemeinschaft; Commission des Episcopats de la Communauté européenne

    • Square de Meeûs 19, 1050 Brussels, Belgium
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Engage in a cooperative venture that gave life to a new reality, promoting peace and solidarity in the European continent; position itself in the search for the common good, placing at the centre of its action the respect for human dignity; take note of the relevance of this new reality that had come into existence, and with the aim of promoting the Christian dimension of the process.


In 1979, the European Parliament's first elections with universal suffrage opened up new horizons. The Bishops' Conferences focused their attention on the European Community. On 3 March 1980, with the approval of the Holy See, a college of bishops created COMECE to monitor and provide assistance in European policy-making. This was organised with great daring in the spirit of the Vatican II Council and following the principle of supranationalism.

IRD Activities

  • Intercultural, Interreligious Dialogue and Education

    In dialogue with the EU, COMECE offers the expertise of the Church while running a wide range of institutions of formal and non-formal education. COMECE also underlines the importance of intercultural and interreligious competence, of tolerance, openness and of mutual respect in a context of different cultures, religions and traditions.

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