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    • E-CHANGER, Rue St-Pierre 10 , 1700 Fribourg, Switzerland

    • Bethlehem Mission Immensee, Kreuzbuchstrasse 44, 6006 Lucerne, Switzerland
      Inter-Agire, Associazione di volontariato internazionale della Svizzera Italiana, Piazza Governo 4, 6500 Bellinzona, Switzerland
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Concentrate on the exchange of experience and knowledge: co-workers and local partner organizations meet on an equal footing and work together on site as this cooperation not only strengthens the local partner organizations, but also improves living conditions for the population groups involved in the process; make people conscious of global interrelationships and raise awareness among civil society and political decision-makers, in the interests of responsible action.


In January 2013 Bethlehem Mission Immensee (BMI), E-CHANGER Fribourg and Inter-Agire Bellinzona became the Organisation «COMUNDO».

IRD Activities

  • Switzerland – Educating and Raising Awareness

    The goal of personnel development cooperation is for people to learn from one another in a direct exchange and to share knowledge. The experience gained from the assignments in the South flows into the education and information work in Switzerland. The events, trainings, campaigns and publications of COMUNDO promote intercultural and interreligious dialogue and stimulate solidarity-centered thoughts and behaviors.

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