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Cordoba Foundation of Geneva

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  • Fondation Cordoue de Genève; مؤسسة قرطبة بجنيف

    • Chemin des Vignes 2bis, 1209 Geneva, Switzerland

    • Case postale 360, 1211 Geneva 19, Switzerland
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Promote dialogue between cultures and civilisations and foster research and debates on conflict transformation related issues; promote constructive dialogue amongst and between actors in the Arab and Muslim Worlds.


Created in 2002, the CFG considers that there is a lack in human capital, mechanisms, and institutions working on non-violent conflict transformation, and aiming at promoting constructive dialogue amongst and between actors in the Arab and Muslim Worlds.

IRD Activities

  • Conflict and Religion

    Because issues at the crossroads of social, political and religious dynamics are often important triggers in violent conflicts, the Cordoba Foundation supports conflict resolution mechanisms that contribute to peaceful coexistence between groups with different worldviews. The initiative includes 1) a radio program, speeches, public seminars, and interviews, 2) the creation of the Group of Swiss Muslims that brings together Swiss Muslims that are representative of the different linguistic regions and the diversity of Islamic practice in Switzerland that inter alia promote interfaith dialogue, 3) a symposium in Cordoba to promote dialogue particularly between Islam and Christianity, by linking the histories of Compostela and Cordoba, 4) an analysis of intra-Muslim tensions (between Sunni and Shi'a), 5) a workshop aiming to increase the understanding of and map conflict transformation approaches to address political conflicts with religious dimensions, 6) a forum on Islam and the West, 7) 'The Tent of Dialogue', a program offering an area of freedom, openness, dialogue and conviviality, available to the entire Geneva population to engage for ten days fertile and respectful exchange between diverse cultural, religious, philosophical and spiritual expressions, 7) in the aftermath of 'Faces of Muhammad' cartoons, provocative cartoons by the Danish Jyllandsposten in 2005, Cordoba Foundation launched a mediation between the Danish government and a delegation from the Muslim world. It also participated in several seminars and meetings discussing this conflict and published a number of papers and editorials on the issue, 8) launches a campaign of letters to opinion leaders in the West to encourage them to face the wave of fear and hatred against Islam and Muslims, which are used by irresponsible elites

  • Cordoba Now (CN)

    CN is a program of research and action aiming at conflict resolution and prevention at the crossroads of the political and the religious spheres. It analyzes political and religious dynamics in North Africa and the Middle East and uses the findings as a basis for tailor-made conflict transformation strategies and initiatives. It bases its work on a network of experts involved in practical initiatives and/or research towards dialogue and transformation of conflicts with a religious dimension respective of conflicts or potentially conflictive situations in which political actors with religious reference are involved. The CN program was launched in 2010 by the FDFA's Religion-Politics-Conflict sector of activity, the Cordoba Foundation of Geneva and the Religioscope Institute as a response to the general context where the Muslim cultural area and Islam as a referential were at first rank political stakes and increasingly described as breeding ground for radicalism, isolationism and communitarianism. It was established to engage in civilian conflict transformation and prevention enabling in-depth understanding of ongoing dynamics, thorough assessment of the needs and tailor-made conflict transformation initiatives.

  • Main Focus Countries of Activities

    Zurich, Switzerland - Doha, Qatar - Geneva, Switzerland - Cordoba, Spain - Geneva, Switzerland - Marrakech, Morocco - Montreux, Switzerland - Tunis, Tunisia - Casablanca, Morocco - Cairo, Egypt - Oberhofen, Switzerland