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Cordoba House (Cordoba Initiative)

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    • 475 Riverside Drive, Suite 248, New York, NY 10115, USA
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Leading, engaging, and promoting a distinctly contemporary, pluralistic, and spiritual American Muslim identity in the United States.


Founded in 2004, the name Cordoba was chosen to symbolise the time in history when Muslims, Jews and Christians lived together in peace and harmony and created a prosperous centre of intellectual, spiritual, cultural and commercial life in the city of Cordoba in Southern Spain.The Cordoba House originated as a program of The Cordoba Initiative (TCI), an affiliated nonprofit with the mission to improve understanding and build trust among Muslims and people of all cultures and religions.

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  • Cordoba House

    It began as a concept designed to encourage people in understanding the inherent value found amongst religious beliefs. Cordoba House is intended as a place where people gather to identify ways to help reverse the downward spiral of fear and mistrust that is fueling extremism on all sides. The initiatives dream is to have a Cordoba House in every nation where religious tensions exist. Encouraging people to work together, learn together, celebrate together, aid one another in daily life provides an environment where there is no motive, inclination, or wish to do harm to one another

  • Building Bridges

    The Cordoba Initiative has also been engaged in outreach to moderates of all faith traditions, engaging in interfaith dialogue and forging connections of trust and mutual support.

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