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Cordoba House

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    • Riverside Dr/W 114 St, New York, NY 10025, USA
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Fulfill the ultimate purpose of the worship of the one Creator through the consciousness of God that informs and substantiates all aspects of the Cordoba House; establish a compassionate and inclusive community of believing men and women - endowed with an understanding of Islam with care and love for one another, and for their families, and their community and for society at large; develop programs that propagate a spiritually sensitive and moderate understanding and practice of Islam within the American context - with the intent of developing an American Muslim identity that is both unique and enriching to the global Muslim community or the Umma; create lasting relationships with the interfaith community through outreach and joint cultural and social programs that cultivate an understanding and appreciation of other communities of faith and cultures; and establish a model Islamic center in New York City—the Cordoba House—that expresses and impresses this vision and mission.


Cordoba House launched its operations on October 1, 2015 with a vision to establish a Compassionate, Spiritual, and Pluralistic American Muslim identity.

IRD Activities

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    In our multicultural society, effective bridge-building between faith traditions can only occur through an understanding of the integrity and values of other faith groups. Cordoba House actively engages in outreach to moderates of all faith traditions, through interfaith dialogue, forging partnerships of trust and mutual support to promote art, cultural and educational programming, and events. Cordoba’s collaboration with faith organizations, academia, and civic groups is intended to foster a deeper understanding of shared universal values in each major faith tradition. Much needs to be done on local, regional, and national levels to have a meaningful impact on the global scene through interfaith work.

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    London, UK - USA - Stockholm, Sweden - Monterrey, Mexico