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Council for a Parliament of the World’s Religions

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Cultivate harmony among the world's religious and spiritual communities; foster their engagement with the world and its guiding institutions in order to achieve a just, peaceful and sustainable world.


The First World's Parliament of Religions was held in September 1893 in Chicago, IL, USA. The Parliament organization was founded in 1988 to reactivate the Parliament movement for the 1993 centenary event in Chicago called the Parliament of the World's Religions.

IRD Activities

  • PeaceNext

    The official social network of the Parliament launched after the 2009 Parliament in Melbourne, Australia, designed to bring together the global interfaith movement in dynamic and far-reaching ways. PeaceNext is not the Parliament, but it's the digital extension of the event. Friendships are made. Wisdom is shared. Lessons are learned. Souls are touched

  • Global Listening Campaign

    A campaign designed for people around the globe to share their vision for the world and their community. How they and their community change the world for the better. The online data collected from each Listening Session informs future Parliaments of the World's Religions

  • The Ambassador Program

    The programme targets leaders who are involved and invested in the interfaith movement in their local communities and aims to promote the mission and values of the Parliament of the World's Religions in cultivating harmony and fostering engagement to achieve a just, peaceful and sustainable world

  • Sacred Space

    In 2011-2012, religious and spiritual communities came together in partnership with the Parliament to visit one another's Sacred Spaces, a programme designed to engage religious diversity and widen participation in interreligious activity across the Chicago metropolitan area

  • Countering War, Hate & Violence

    One of the major focal points of the Parliament’s work has long been the opposition or people of faith and spirituality to hate and its offspring, violence and war. This was one of the major themes of the 2015 Parliament held in Salt Lake City. As a matter of course, the Parliament has chosen to continue to have those scourges of humanity: hate, violence and war, be one of the themes of the Parliament to be held in Toronto. We established a task force devoted to lead our work in this area, including our work at the Toronto Parliament

  • Regular Parliaments of the World's Religions Events

    The Parliament is the oldest, the largest, and the most inclusive gathering of people from all faiths and traditions. This regular gathering also includes plenaries, workshops, trainings in dialogue, interfaith activism, fundraising, and organising, world-class religious music, films, exhibits and performances and more

  • The Next Generation

    In keeping with the mission of the Parliament of the World’s Religions, the Next Generation Task Force is focused on engaging spiritually and geographically diverse young changemakers that are tackling critical issues and working towards interfaith cooperation in their communities. The Next Generation Task Force (formerly called Emerging Leaders Task Force) is responsible for organizing the young adult programming (age ~35 and below) at the Parliament of the World’s Religions convenings. With an emphasis on networking, service, and inclusion the Next Generation Task Force utilizes programming at Parliament’s to build local, regional, and international coalitions of interfaith actors interested in youth and our critical issues to help us carry out campaigns and programs in between Parliaments

  • Interfaith Ramadan

    In 2018, we have invited Muslims and all faiths to share stories of service, gratitude, and community. As part of our Interfaith Ramadan series, we will featured a series of reflections throughout the month to highlight Muslim and non-Muslim voices that are making a more peaceful, just, and sustainable world. From community organizing in London to refugee resettlement in Beirut, Ramadan is a time for people of all faiths to work across lines of division towards solidarity and inclusion

  • Educating Religious Leaders for a Multi-Religious World

    The Parliament of the World’s Religions developed an initiative to explore the importance of interfaith understanding for the curriculum and priorities of our schools. To this end, the Parliament created a Task Force of U.S. Seminaries to highlight the importance of interfaith understanding at the seminary level. Strong acknowledgment was made concerning the urgency of interfaith engagement and the preparation of a religious leadership equipped with knowledge and understanding of the plurality of faith traditions in the contemporary world. Cultural and intellectual understanding of other religions, along with profound pastoral instincts, are increasingly essential for theological students as well as for those engaged in the academic study and teaching of religion

  • Faiths Against Hate

    Sikhs, Muslims, Jews, and other minorities are increasingly targets of hate in America. These attacks are sanctioned by a political culture that tolerates hate speech and promotes xenophobia. In the wake of the August 5, 2012 massacre in Oak Creek, Wisconsin where six Sikhs were gunned down by a white supremacist, citizens began to realize the fracturing bedrock of American values and that fear, anger, and hate too often prove fatal. The Council for a Parliament of the World’s Religions enacted a multi-tiered Faiths Against Hate campaign to transform fear and anger into peace, love, and interreligious harmony.

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