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Council of European Bishops’ Conferences

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Be an organ of communion between the Bishops' Conferences of Europe which has as its end the promotion and conservation of the good of the Church; exercise the collegiality in hierarchical communion cum et sub romano pontefice; realize the closer communication and co-operation between the European Bishops and Episcopal Conferences, respectful of the function and proper jurisdiction of each, to promote and inspire the new evangelisation in the European arena; promote the communion with the Councils of Bishops' Conferences of other continents; support the ecumenical collaboration in Europe, to re-establish Christian unity; be a living ecclesial witness in European society.


At the end of the Second Vatican Council, thirteen Presidents of European Bishops' Conferences decided to examine the possibility of collaboration. After a series of meetings, in March 1971 CCEE was officially founded and recognised by the Congregation for Bishops. In 1995 its current Statutes, where it is stated explicitly that the members of CCEE are the European Bishops' Conferences, represented by their respective Presidents, were approved. The Statutes also envisage the possibility that Bishops who are not members of a Bishops' Conference may also be members of CCEE as of right. In the course of its more than forty-year history, CCEE has held a number of meetings, including eight Symposia of European Bishops, and numerous meetings on issues of major pastoral importance in Europe.

IRD Activities

  • Inter-religious Dialogue

    The ongoing wave of migrations along with the progressive multi-cultural nature of European society make a permanent and intense dialogue with the representatives of other religions necessary. In this sphere CCEE promotes and supports various meetings with those responsible in the Bishops’ Conferences for dialogue with Muslims, with the aim of promoting a more profound awareness of the challenges which the presence of other Muslims constitutes for the Continent. There have been a number of meetings fostering dialogue with other religions. CCEE works to encourage peaceful co-existence and mutual support between the different religions in Western society, developing a profound reflection on the common values which both religions defend in public debate.

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