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Danmission IKON

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    • Nørre Alle 29, 8000 Århus C, Denmark

    • Strandagervej 24, 2900 Hellerup, Denmark
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Create understanding and community through personal meetings; share what means something to us and take seriously what matters to the other; seek knowledge of insight into each other's religion, beliefs and outlooks; break down prejudices and misunderstandings between people through understanding and respect.


IKON was founded on 19 September 1992. IKON's extraordinary general meeting on Saturday, 21 Sept. 2013 approved IKON's merger with Danmission. This means that IKON is now part of Danmission as an independent operating branch.

IRD Activities

  • IKON Magazine

    Published 4 times a year, the IKON Magazine provides knowledge about religion, life and dialogue. It is aimed at anyone who wants to relate to religious diversity. The purpose is, through objective communication, to inspire dialogue, provide deeper insight and understanding between the church and the religious currents

  • Dialogue Pilots

    Course of dialogue which is a mixture of theory and practice, equipping participants to navigate in diversity. Participants receive a toolkit for self-organizing dialogue processes in their local churches, at work or in their associations. The program is open to all and takes account of all those do not have a Christian background

  • Workshops and Lectures

    IKON holds dialogue workshops with interactive dialogue practice or lectures on dialogue

  • Dialogue Study Trips and Expeditions

    IKON arranges study trips abroad to encounter other religions and spiritual traditions, and meet organizations engaged in religious dialogue

  • Dialogue Evenings

    IKON organizes 6-10 dialogue evenings throughout the year, including excursions, lectures and dialogue meetings with other people.

  • Main Focus Countries of Activities

    Virtual - Aarhus, Denmark - Denmark - India - Lebanon - Syria - Turkey - China - Denmark