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Debate for Peace

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Strengthen Model United Nations skills among under-privileged communities; diversify the Model United Nations world in Israel; further develope our youth leadership platform; engage with communities abroad; use our students’ experiences to include their friends, family, neighbors and classmates.


Debate for Peace is a unique conflict resolution program open to 14-19 year old Israeli and Palestinian students of all backgrounds. More than 2,000 students from more than 60 cities and schools have participated in our programs. Debate for Peace is part of the Interfaith Encounters Association, and supported by the US Embassy in Israel.

IRD Activities

  • Youth dialogue activities

    Organisation brings together Arab and Jewish students (ages 13-19) from all over Israel and Palestinian territories, to debate, negotiate and (attempt to) resolve the most pressing global conflicts and challenges. The debate program helps Jewish and Arab students, who might never meet otherwise, to have in-depth conversations and to develop friendships, to improve negotiation skills, for resolving genuine conflicts and practice using those skills, to train in how to disagree civilly. As well, it focuses on salient topics like conflicts in Syria, Yemen, Israeli-Palestinian conflict, a potential Israel-Iran crisis. Furthermore, organisation organizes the only Model UN conference series in Israel, and Jewish-Arab high school MUN delegations abroad

  • Delegations

    Organisation organizes delegations abroad for young Arab and Jewish students from Israel abroad. For example, in previous years young people from Israel visited Oxford, UNHQ and European Parliament

  • Diplomatic Briefings

    Organisation regularly holds briefings with embassies and diplomats to learn more about diplomacy, peacebuilding, and the history, culture, languages, and foreign relations of other countries. Debate for Peace students have met with diplomats from the embassies of Albania, Belgium, Cyprus, Kenya, the Philippines, Spain, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, and the United States, as well as the Taipei Economic and Culture in Tel Aviv, and UN representatives

  • Leadership Retreats

    In each of the last two years, Debate for Peace and the Jerusalem Peacebuilders have brought high school students from all over Israel to spend a weekend interfaith retreat together.

  • Main Focus Countries of Activities

    Israel - Romania - New York - Belgium - Kosovo - Cyprus - UK - Albania - US - Israel - Jerusalem, Israel -