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Doha International Center for Interfaith Dialogue

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  • مركز الدوحة الدولي لحوار الأديان

    • PO Box 19309, Doha, Qatar
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Seek for constructive dialogue among followers of religions in order to better understand the principles of religious teachings to be harnessed to the service of humanity, based on mutual respect and recognition of di_x001D_erences, in collaboration with individuals and relevant institutions.; be a leading model in achieving peaceful coexistence between followers of different faiths and an international reference for interfaith dialogue; activate religious values in finding solutions to problems and issues that concern humanity; broaden the scope of dialogue to include aspects of life that interact with religion; increase the network of those involved in dialogue to include researchers, academics and those who are concerned with the relationship between religious values and real life issues; become an authority that provides academic, educational and training information in the field.


Doha International Center for Interfaith Dialogue was established as a result of a recommendation of the Fifth Doha Interfaith Conference on May 2007 in Doha. The centre was opened officially in May 2008.

IRD Activities

  • Annual Conference

    The centre holds an annual conference for interfaith dialogue among religions, discussing important humanitarian issues. From the perspectives of the world monotheistic religions, DICID seeks to reach common and harmonious cooperation and a genuine desire to lay the foundations of world peace

  • Symposiums

    Those are specialised symposia and seminars discussing various topics of common concerns between different religions inside Qatar and abroad. The symposia are published regularly

  • Educational Programs

    This is a series of educational programmes and youth activities related to the dialogue including cultural trips and youth camps, inside Qatar and abroad.

  • Main Focus Countries of Activities

    Doha, Qatar - Doha, Qatar - Doha, Qatar - Canada