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Dominican Institute for Oriental Studies

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    • IDEO- Dominican Institute for Oriental Studies 1, al- Tarabichi Street P.O.B. 18- al- Abbasiyyah 11381 Cairo, Egypt
  • www.ideo-cairo.org

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Faithful to their project of studying Arab Islam from its sources and cultivating a fertile academic and interreligious dialogue, the members of IDEO are engaged, in Egypt and the rest of the world, in different research projects. IDEO regularly organizes lectures, conferences and seminars.


Founded in the thirteenth century in southern France, then the Order of Preachers quickly took interest in Middle East. In Cairo, the Dominican priory is established since 1928, this priory was meant to be an extension in Egypt. This project was blocked due to international events. In 1937, Dominican friars dedicated themselves to Islamic studies; Cairo seemed to them the ideal location. IDEO started its work in 1950 and founded in 1953.

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  • . Adawat Program which provides students, researchers, and teachers of Islamic studies the tools that will allow them to study Islam from a critical perspective, Egypt

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