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Ecumenical Centre of Services for Evangelization and Popular Education

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  • Centro Ecumênico de Serviços à Evangelização e Educação Popular

    • Av. Brig Luís Antônio, 993, Sala 205, CEP: 01317-001, São Paulo, SP, Brazil
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Provide biblical, theological, pastoral, social, and pedagogical training and capacity building of Christian and social leaders with animation or management responsibilities in popular and ecclesial movements.


The CESEEP is a Latin American ecumenical centre of popular training, founded in 1982, which aims to provide services to leaders of social movements and communities of different Christian churches in their pastoral and human development work. Its headquarters are in São Paulo, but the territorial scope of its activities is Latin America and the Caribbean. It was designed by a group of bishops, pastors, Biblical scholars, and social scientists. Inspired by the proposal for Popular Education developed by the educator Paulo Freire, the CESEEP, from its origins, placed itself at the service of popular movements, social pastoral work, communities and churches in the monitoring of their work.

IRD Activities

  • Summer School

    CESEEP organizes a training programme in the cultural and socio-political field. It is an ecumenical and interreligious space of coexistence, exchange of experiences, celebration and commitment. With special attention to young people, it welcomes participants of all ages and backgrounds, engaged in the search of understanding and respect among women and men, in the effort to transform people and society, promoting justice, solidarity and the protection of the environment

  • Latin American Course on Pastoral and Gender Relations

    The course focuses on gender issues both in churches and in society and it aims to overcome inequalities between men and women. The course encourages dialogue and debates between participants, together with physical exercises, dances and moments of spirituality. Interreligious and ecumenical dialogue, through the exchange of experiences between people, is also encouraged. Participants include women and men who work in churches, NGOs, community education centres and different social pastoral and popular movements in Latin America, the Caribbean and Africa

  • Course on Ecumenism and Interreligious Dialogue

    It offers the opportunity of reflecting on structural forms of violence and finding mechanisms to overcome them through the theoretical study and the establishment of contact with significant initiatives and practices of churches and religions. It provides an area of coexistence between people of different churches and religions, moments of spirituality and celebration, and an intense programme of visits to religious communities and peace initiatives. The course is organised by the CESEEP in partnership with the Movimento de Fraternidade de Igrejas Cristãs, the Latin American Council of Churches, KOINONIA, and the support of the National Council of Christian Churches of Brazil.

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