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Discover more of Jesus and allow faith in Him and His blessings to reach others.


Equmenia is a Swedish Christian Youth Association, which was created in 2007 first in a form of federation or umbrella organization of three youth associations in Sweden -Mission Covenant Youth of Sweden (SMU), Baptist Union Youth of Sweden (SBUF), and United Methodist Church Youth of Sweden (MKU). In 2011 Equmenia Church was established in Sweden and Equmenia Youth Association became a youth organization affiliated with Equmeniakyrkan (Equmenia Church) , former Mission Covenant Church of Sweden, the Baptist Union of Sweden, and the United Methodist Church of Sweden.

IRD Activities

  • Teenager

    is a meeting place for youth from 13 years old and older. Irrespectively of beliefs and opinions, the Teenager community is an open community. This is a place for different thinking with a possibility to choose Christian religion

  • Act29

    International school movement, which focuses on what Jesus, the apostles, and the first church did. The participants and leaders are always from two or more nations and cultures, with no group dominating. Encounters between different cultures create a good environment to interpret and apply the gospel together

  • Restoring Lost Childhood

    Project is run by Equmenia Church Hindustani Covenant Church. Project aims to provide an opportunity for parents to get to know how important is it for their children to attend school, and that they can do everything for a child, who is forced to work, to stop doing that, and to start to go to school instead

  • International sport activities

    Sport schools Congo-Brazzaville and Congo-Kinshasa are organized through international cooperation. Since 2003 Equmenia in cooperation with Equmenia Church organize the world’s biggest football match Gothia Cup and a sister church in Congo-Brazzaville and a sport school in Congo – Brazzaville. Several hundred of children and young people get a chance to train football, gymnastics, beach volleyball and a classic volleyball and at the same time to learn about how to live in peace and friendship, and to develop and become mature as personalities with good qualities. An important part of the work is social activities arranged besides sports

  • Course Glokal

    A distance course with international internship is offered with an aim to develop global thinking, but to know how to act locally. The course is built on the idea, based on popular education, where people learn together in a group, giving a priority for exchange of experiences and live dialogue. With a help of Internet-based education and dialogue about written assignments, a participant gets a chance to learn about and reflect on a country, society, history and religions around

  • Sport Volunteer

    Equmenia sends each year two sport volunteers to sport schools in Brazzaville. During six months a volunteer gets a chance to experience a country and to live with a family from Congo, while training sports with children and youth

  • Football camp

    Together with Equmenian Church in Ljurhalla, Sweden, Equmenia organizes each sommer a summer camp in Ryazan and provides opportunity for children and youth to get to know about Jesus through football and sports

  • International Scholarship

    For members of Equmenia it is possible to apply for international scholarship, which will give an opportunity to become a host for children and youth from other countries, and to go to other countries to attend conferences, to work as a volunteer or to study abroad about human rights.

  • Main Focus Countries of Activities

    Sweden - Chile - Ecuador - Argentina - Nicaragua - USA, Mexiko - Spain - Sweden - Finland - Russia - Congo - India - Thailand - China - Sweden - India - Sweden - Congo - World - Congo - Ryazan, Russia - World