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Promote dialogue and understanding with other faiths, ideologies, and cultures, and the interests of freedom, tolerance and peace; intensify inter-religious and inter-cultural dialogue with the other monotheistic religions, ideologies and cultures; contribute to the development of a common basis for the tolerant, peaceful co-existence of all religions and nations, both at national and supra-national levels; preserve, develop, perpetuate and disseminate Eugen Biser's theological and philosophical works and related themes, by means of scholarly studies, lectures, seminars and publications; disseminate Christianity's core values and impulses; encourage inter-Christian reconciliation and ecumenism; analyse spiritual and religious developments in all aspects of the human experience; organise lectures, symposia and seminars on themes relating to the Foundation, in co-operation with high-schools, academies and other educational and cultural organisations, as well as in industry; grant the Eugen Biser Award; increase access to the library of philosophical, theological and scholarly religious sources and reference-works assembled by Biser, alongside his archive of scholarly works.


Established in 2002, working from a Christian view of the world and values, the independent, non-profit foundation focuses on all areas of human existence, with the aim of promoting dialogue for the future development of Christianity and on behalf of understanding with other world religions, worldviews and cultures.

IRD Activities

  • Publications and Book Reviews

    The Eugen-Biser Stiftung is publishing collected volumes of symposia on the topic of interreligious dialogue and is also organising book reviews for the wider public

  • Dictionary of Interreligious Dialogue

    The Dictionary is a clear and authentic example of encounter, acquaintanceship and understanding between Christianity and Islam. This book brings Christians and Muslims closer to the main foundations of one another's religions, creating the conditions from which to understand one another better while promoting a culture of harmonious coexistence

  • Christian Islamic Spring Academy

    The Academy is dedicated to the dialogue between Christianity and Islam. It is a five-day seminar designed to encourage young scientists from Germany and Turkey to engage intensively with interreligious relations

  • Symposia Christian-Islamic Dialogue

    The Eugen-Biser-Stiftung wants to contribute to improve understanding between Christians and Muslims through their symposia in a way of scientific exchange

  • A Common Word Between Us and You

    The dialogue series, which is organised jointly by the Eugen-Biser-Stiftung and the School of Philosophy Munich, addressed the focal points of the document 'A Common Word Between Us and You', a guide for inter-religious dialogue between Islam and Christianity, and posed questions about prospects for the future

  • Judaism

    One of the aims of the Eugen-Biser-Stiftung is to intensify the interreligious and intercultural dialogue of Christian origin with the Abrahamic religions. For instance, public lectures are organized in which Jewish and Christian scholars discuss important issues, such as the coexistence in an era of globalisation and new religious conflicts.

  • Main Focus Countries of Activities

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