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European Group for Research and Training of Teachers Holding Christian and Other Beliefs and Convictions

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  • Groupement Européen pour la Recherche et la Formation des Enseignants Chrétiens, Croyants et de toutes Convictions

    • 10 rue Erckmann-Chatrian, Alsace, 67000 Strasbourg, France
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Develop a pedagogy for a multicultural dialogue between people from different cultures and convictions in schools and in educational institutions; promote an education for democracy, citizenship and Human Rights in the context of Europe of today; live together in a multicultural Europe; respect and support all individuals to be able to develop her/his full potential as a human being.


GERFEC is an association set up under the French 1908 law, modified by the law of 1 st August 2003. It was registered in Strasbourg in 1979 as a “French association with European outreach”.

IRD Activities

  • Intercultural and Interfaith Dialogue Training

    European training course for teachers and teacher-trainers. Title: “ Starting Dialogue in the Classroom from our different cultures and beliefs.” Objectives of the course are to work out a methodology of intercultural and inter-convictional dialogue between teachers and pupils

  • Introductory Course “Building Europe in our Schools”

    Intercultural experience and reflexion among fellow-educationalists across Europe. By spending time with other European teachers, participants will learn the principles of intercultural dialogue and techniques of European project construction. The objectives of the course are to discover the cultural diversity of different countries, to integrate the methodology of intercultural and interreligious dialogue into their work, to develop European projects with colleagues from other countries

  • European Project - Toulouse 2015

    The theme of the seminar was "Learning to live differently as European citizen". GERFEC's aim was to develop skills for dialogue among people of all cultures and all beliefs.

  • Main Focus Countries of Activities

    Coimbra, Portugal - Strasbourg, France - Toulouse, France