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European Interfaith Youth Network

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Serve as a platform aimed at bringing together youth organizations and communities from all religions present in Europe, advancing common action for peace.


Idea of creating European Interfaith Youth Network (EIYN) dates back to 2006 when the process of establishing and developing the Global Youth Network of Religions for Peace reached Europe. The main incentives came from Religions for Peace, faith-based (youth) organizations, secular organizations and individuals active in the field of inter-religious dialogue (IRD). In 2006 there were two subregional meetings in Europe as parts of a way of religious youth towards Religions for Peace World Youth Assembly in Japan (Hiroshima and Kyoto, August 2006).

IRD Activities

  • Welcoming the Other

    EIYN's multi religious vision of peace includes the call to all people of faith to "welcome the other". Each of our diverse faith traditions calls for profound active solidarity with, and empathy for, the "other" rooted in a spirit of unity, as a deeply held and widely shared value among our religious communities. "Welcoming the other" means respect and acceptance of one another. EIYN organises several interfaith dialogue meetings throughout the year

  • Interfaith Advocacy

    EIYN offers trainings providing the youth leaders with sensitization to accept the important role of advocacy on peace and interfaith issues, providing young people with skills and experience that will enable them to make a real impact and to be more effective in their efforts in working for peace between faith and nations, for religious freedom in Europe.

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