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European Network of Young Interfaith Leaders

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Practice interfaith work through the principles of inclusion, openness and mutual appreciation; believe that young people from different religions and cultures can live together peacefully and that society should be inclusive; aim to create a new mind-set and bring about positive change; believe that young people should not only be active participants in interfaith work, but should be leaders within the movement at every level; believe in, and will actively use, peer-to-peer learning, training and mentoring, recognising that we all have something to learn from one another; and operate through a non-hierarchical structure, with people taking roles according to their relevant skills, but utilising horizontal, inclusive decision making processes and ways of working.


The European Network of Young Interfaith Leaders is a project initiated in 2015 and coordinated by the URI Europe Youth Leadership Cooperation Circle.

IRD Activities

  • Training

    The European Network of Young Interfaith Leaders offers training in various fields, including interfaith dialogue, peace and conflict resolution, communication and presenting skills, project planning and implementation, web design, and social media and networking. Coming from different countries in Europe and having many years of experience in volunteerism and working with youth, the team has a diverse set of skills, learned and practiced individually through youth projects, seminars, conferences and peer education

  • Consultancy

    Together, the European Network of Young Interfaith Leaders' core team of young leaders has many decades of expertise and experience in the areas of training, youth leadership, and interfaith and intercultural work. From strategic long-term visioning, to one-off events, the team can offer advice, innovation and practical assistance to your organisation.

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