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European Union of Jewish Students

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  • Union Européenne des Étudiants Juifs; Europäische Union Juedischer Studenten

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Envision a vibrant, sustainable Jewish communal life in Europe with strong youth and student involvement; seek to strengthen Jewish communities and European society through Jewish student activism and advocacy; connect peer-led, independent Jewish student unions throughout Europe, and support them in fulfilling the aspirations of the Jewish people, developing Jewish religious, spiritual, cultural and social heritage, and ensuring continuity.


In February 1978 around a cold table in Grenoble, France, one hundred and fifty European Jewish Students developed and approved a constitution and created a plan of action meant to cover all aspects of modern European Jewish student life and so the European Union of Jewish Students was formed.

IRD Activities

  • A Coat of Many Colours – Inter-religious and Intercultural Dialogue

    Since we live in a Europe that has multiple faces and identities, it is our task to learn how to best reconcile our differences, while celebrating the heritage and rich culture brought by each of these identities. The richness and diversity of our faiths should serve as a starting point for a joint journey towards a better future rather than a cause for division and separation. There are many ways of engaging in inter-religious dialogue. Cognizant of the reach and impact that its activities have, EUJS is committed to contributing to a more united yet diversified Europe with equal rights for members of any faith-based or other community.

  • Main Focus Countries of Activities

    Poland - USA - Norway - Slovakia - France - Morocco - Albania - Austria - Bosnia and Herzegovina