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Evangelical Lutheran Church in Jordan and the Holy Land

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    • Muristan Road, PO Box 14076, Jerusalem 91140, Israel
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Proclaim the Gospel within an Arab context in the Holy Land. This proclamation of the Kingdom of God and the message of salvation is to Arabs, including Palestinians, and is expressed both through witnessing to the Gospel as well as through diakonia; serve the poorest of the poor and to care for people who have suffered long because of the difficult political situation in this area; serve the Palestinian people through education that aims to provide Christian evangelical instruction, quality training and peace education.


The initial phase of the Lutheran mission efforts began in 1841 when a joint British Anglican and Prussian Evangelical bishopric was established in Jerusalem.

IRD Activities

  • Martin Luther Community Development Center

    The mission of the MLCDC is to strengthen the local community by developing the competencies of its clients through providing opportunities for education, recreation and communication, improving the quality of life for the East Jerusalem community in general and Old City inhabitants in particular. With a Christian tradition and outlook, the MLCDC aims to promote peace, non-violence and dialogue in its unique location among Jerusalem's three religious groups and it welcomes all who wish to promote these values. Services include Sports Hall, Elderly Day Center, Children's Activities Program, Afterschool Sports Program, Resource and Curriculum Development Center.

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    Jerusalem, Israel