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Forum for Promoting Peace in Muslim Societies

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    • P.O. Box. 77847 Two four 54, Building 2 Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
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The message and vision of the Forum, which has been published since its inception, is based on the following principles: confirming the priority of peace, the spirit of firefighter, strengthening the role of the world, correcting concepts, and reviving values such as cooperation and solidarity, the brotherhood of humanity, wisdom, interest, justice, mercy, patience, the value of tolerance, the value of dialogue, and the value of moderation.


slamic societies face many challenges at all levels. But these challenges have recently appeared to be insurmountable to confrontation or solutions, because of the ideological and sectarian conflict that dominated the surface of Islamic consciousness at the present time. These conflicts are: the qualitative dimension of the unprecedented degree of violence, the spatial dimension, the time dimension, the intellectual and psychological dimension, and the international dimension. To correct the picture of Islam, The World Forum "Promoting Peace in Muslim Societies", hosted by Abu Dhabi, was held and it is one of the most important forums in the Islamic World. This forum comes as a distinct effort to dispel the symptoms of caution, fear and mistrust, and as an initiation of a project that takes confidence steps to consolidate all that is manifest in Islam such as peace, security and openness to the other religions.