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Forum of European Muslim Youth and Student Organisations

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Facilitate development, networking, and cooperation between European Muslim youth and student organisations, and be their representative voice within all European institutions.


The first meeting between Muslim youth organisations across Europe took place in Sweden in 1995, when the Foreign Ministry of Sweden in co-operation with the Swedish Muslim Youth organisation SUM (Sveriges Unga Muslimer), organised an international conference titled 'Islam in Europe'. After an intensive consultation process to develop the statutes and all other necessary documents, FEMYSO was registered as an international Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO) in Brussels.

IRD Activities

  • Inter-Faith Dialogue

    Intercultural and interfaith dialogue can provide a platform for youths of different backgrounds to understand and cooperate with each other. Particularly in these current times, where misunderstanding of Islam and fear of Muslims is widespread, it is vital that all European youth actively and openly engage with one another in order to get past the stereotypes and enrich our understanding of each other's values and principles. The Youth Camp “Dialogue” aims at offering a space to young people to continue the implementation of the “Kazan Action Plan” and thus to promote intercultural dialogue and interreligious cooperation among young people across ethnic, religious, linguistic, and national dividing lines. The Camp has the following objectives: to promote intercultural dialogue among young people across ethnic, religious, linguistic and national dividing lines to secure social cohesion and prevent conflicts, to continue the implementation of the “Kazan Action Plan”, to explore the principles, experiences, and resources of the Council of Europe in the area of intercultural dialogue, youth participation, and Human Rights Education, to create a space for open dialogue and for sharing experiences, as well as to promote mutual understanding and respect between the participants, to reflect on the concept of diversity, common identity, and intercultural learning, to explore tools, possibilities, and challenges for co-operation and to try to encourage networking among young people in Europe and beyond, and to raise awareness of the media to the issues explored during the Camp Meeting

  • European Election Campaign 2019

    FEMYSO has partnered with the European Parliament for the European Elections 2019 (EE19) campaign with the aim of providing citizens of all backgrounds the opportunity to actively and effectively participate in public life, and to take part in political debates. As an official, non-partisan partner of the European Parliament’s EE19 campaign, FEMYSO aimed to cultivate a generation of young active citizens, who know how to raise their voice within the EU. The EE19 is a chance for young Muslims to reclaim their narrative in their countries, to show that they care about Europe and that they feel European

  • Main Focus Countries of Activities

    Bosnia and Herzegovina - UK - Germany - Ukraine - France - Macedonia - Italy - Hungary - Poland - Sweden - Finland - Albania - Romania - Czechia - Ireland - Lithuania - Moldova - Slovakia - Norway - Belgium - Europe