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Foundation for Ethnic Understanding

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Promote understanding and cooperation between and among ethnic groups and to reduce the existing tensions among diverse racial and ethnic communities.


The FFEU was founded in 1989 to strengthen Black-Jewish Relations. Our programming is inspired by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and his partnership with the American Jewish community.

IRD Activities

  • Europe

    In 2009, the FFEU brought a mission of European Muslim and Jewish leaders to Washington D.C. to plant the seeds of a meaningful European Muslim-Jewish body. We then held conferences in Brussels (2010) and Paris (2012) to serve as a permanent year-round structure dedicated to strengthening Muslim-Jewish relations and protesting for the rights of both communities in countries across Europe. In 2013, as European Islamophobia and Anti-Semitism grew, FFEU brought on Samia Hathroubi as the European Muslim-Jewish Program Director. Samia and FFEU's Gathering of European Muslim and Jewish Leaders (GEMJL) have since worked on issue areas such as the Council of Europe's proposed ban on circumcision and Denmark's prohibition of kosher/halal slaughter, as well as, stood together after terror attacks. In December 2015, FFEU and European partners (CEJI, ENAR, European MP Afzal Khan, Rabbi Albert Guigui), organized a press conference "We Refuse to Be Enemies" at the European Parliament in Brussels. The Gathering of European Muslim and Jewish Leaders (GEMJL) is the only trans-European Muslim-Jewish body. GEMJL is the platform for Muslim and Jewish leaders across Europe to communicate with one another to build bridges between their different communities and to work together for the rights and freedoms of all Europeans

  • The Weekend of Twinning

    The Weekend of Twinning is an annual event held every November spearheaded by the Foundation for Ethnic Understanding during which, thousands of Muslims and Jews link up in scores of cities in more than 30 countries around the world to hold joint events

  • Solidarity Committees

    The Muslim-Jewish Solidarity Committees (MJSC) build on the inspiring success of the Weekend of Twinning in order to strengthen Muslim-Jewish communication in communities across North America on a year-round basis. The Solidarity Committees serve as umbrella bodies for Muslim-Jewish relations in their metropolitan areas, with the task of coordinating and publicizing the work of local Muslim-Jewish groups. While the MJSC's are initaited by FFEU, these committees are locally organized

  • International Leadership

    FFEU promotes its mission of racial and religious conversation, cooperation, and reconciliation through working with international leaders. In meeting with policy makers, people stand up against Islamophobia and Anti-Semitism and expand our message across borders and bring Muslim-Jewish dialogue to another level.

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