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  • Fryshuset

    • Mårtensdalsgatan 2 – 8, 120 30 Stockholm, Sweden

    • PO Box 92022, 120 06 Stockholm, Sweden
      Center for Social Responsibility, Olivia Hansens Gade 2, st., 1799 Copenhagen, Denmark
      Nedre Kaserngården 5, 415 28 Gothenburg, Sweden
      Sofielundsvägen 5, 214 25 Malmo, Sweden
  • fryshuset

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Listen and build relationships with young people; ignite their passion and create communities where young people are heard, considered and developed; work for society to take young people's opinions and ideas seriously; work with all young people, focusing especially on those living in or at risk of exclusion; believe that everyone can succeed and deserve another chance; give young people the tools to take control of their future by taking advantage of their inner strength and motivation; listen to what is happening and are quick to act; see opportunities where others see problems; be bold enough to dare to create change.


Fryshuset was founded in 1984 as a result of joint efforts by the YMCA of Stockholm and a couple of unyielding enthusiasts, among them Fryshuset’s legendary founding father Anders Carlberg.

IRD Activities

  • Tillsammans för Sverige

    This is an inter-religious program where Christians, Jews and Muslims (and non-believers) meet to discuss various issues relating to their religions and to human values generally. The program has reinforced the understanding that religion can be a key to reach young people and a positive force that can unite different groups. Tillsammans för Sverige (Together for Sweden) is focusing on inter-religious guidance and education for young people with the aim of addressing hostility towards foreigners, racism and extremism. The project uses religion as a means of integration and show that religion can be a force to be reckoned with in achieving peace and understanding

  • Interreligious Training for Youth

    The idea is that young people, who are firmly grounded in their own religious tradition, shall be given the opportunity to develop as human beings and leaders through contacts and meetings with other young people who are willing to share their own experiences from other traditions. To create opportunities to meet across religious borders will provide young people with a possibility to develop not only their own religious identity, but also a citizens and community members. It will also give an opportunity for the responsible adult leaders to create a foundation and develop methods for how we can raise young leaders within inter-religious work and dialogue

  • Tailor-made workshops

    tailor workshops for schools that want a theme day or longer passport where we show how to utilize the religious experiences in the classroom in an educational way and where students are engaged and given the opportunity to talk in a permissive and respectful context. This training shows how through activities one can facilitate and build for dialogue, collaboration and relationship building across religious boundaries

  • Frushus Church

    The Church is a part of Frushuset and is open for all ages. It offers dialogue, reflection and support irrespective of faith, religion or ideology.

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