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G2W Institute’s Ecumenical Forum for Faith, Religion and Society in East and West

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  • Institut G2W. Ökumenisches Forum für Glauben, Religion und Gesellschaft in Ost und West

    • Birmensdorferstr. 52, Postfach 9329, 8036 Zurich, Switzerland
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Dedicated to ecumenical matters and the Eastern Churches; promote dialogue between East and West; represent the interests of socially disadvantaged groups and individuals in Eastern Europe.


The G2W Institute ('G2W - Glaube in der der 2. Welt') was founded in 1972 with the aim to educate the public about the suppression of churches and religious communities in communist Eastern Bloc. At the annual meeting of 2008, the members of the association decided a change of name to G2W Institute's Ecumenical Forum for Faith, Religion, and Society in East and West.

IRD Activities

  • Journal Religion and Society in East and West

    Religion and Society in East and West provides information in German on current affairs and events related to the Churches and religious communities in Eastern, Central Eastern, and South-eastern Europe, with a particular focus on ecumenical and interfaith dialogue. Useful background information is also provided by analysis of political, societal, and cultural developments in the individual countries of Eastern Europe. It covers four areas: news (the latest news on Church affairs, religious communities, and society), main section (articles providing background information on selected topics), project reports (introduces civil society initiatives), and book reviews (presents important new publications). Drawing its contributors from the Church, academia, and journalism, Religion & Society in East and West is committed to a pluralist approach to reporting that aims to foster understanding between East and West. Accessible but scholarly, Religion & Society in East and West is written for a broad and educated readership interested in the situation of the Churches and religious societies of Eastern neighbours. It is read throughout the German-speaking world by scholars, people involved in interfaith dialogue, and people interested in international developments.

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