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Generations for Peace

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    • Al-Hussein Youth Sport City, Amman 11196, Jordan
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Empower youth to lead and cascade sustainable change in communities experiencing conflict, through world-class free education in conflict transformation and the use of sport, art, advocacy, dialogue, and empowerment for peacebuilding.


Generations For Peace is a leading global non-profit peacebuilding organisation founded by HRH Prince Feisal Al Hussein in 2007.

IRD Activities

  • Sport activities for peace

    Sport For Peace is Generations For Peace’s original, flagship peacebuilding tool, first implemented when the organisation was founded in 2007. Using specifically designed sports-based games and activities that integrate peer-group and peacebuilding education, Sport For Peace promotes a sense of understanding and unity that transcends the divides found in typical day-to-day life in conflict communities. Sport For Peace has an important role to play in providing a space for opposing groups to meet each other in a neutral location, a “safe space,” with pre-defined rules and set codes of behaviour. It allows social contact between communities in which relationships have been severed through war and other forms of destructive conflict, helping children and youth overcome negative images and stereotypes about those who have different abilities, religions, and backgrounds to build acceptance and tolerance.

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