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Global Dialogue Foundation

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Strengthen the role of civil society organisations in order to promote intercultural dialogue, cultural diversity and inclusion at grassroots level within their own countries and across them globally; initiate and promote dialogue and collaboration for increased understanding among cultures and civilisations globally; maintain the identity of original traditions, fostering their impact on the development of mainstream society; strengthen the voice of the Asia Pacific Region in the debate on dialogue and understanding among peoples and cultures; contribute significantly in supporting the work of the UN Alliance of Civilizations; improve relations within and between all cultural, ethnic and religious groups, including all minorities, majorities and migrants in the country, preventing persistent tensions and divides via dialogue globally.


GDF was first incorporated in Melbourne, Australia, in July 2008. In December 2009, GDF established as a public not-for-profit organization, and as a registered charity in December 2012.

IRD Activities

  • GDF Unity in Diversity - Bridging Cultu

    GDF Unity in Diversity works in the field of citizen diplomacy and uses 'dialogue' to promote intercultural understanding. In collaboration with the United Nations Alliance of Civilizations, the objective is to initiate, promote and foster cooperation among the global community in a range of intercultural initiatives that aim to establish a peaceful and safer coexistence

  • Unity in Diversity - Global Dialogue

    Building avenues through dialogue among cultures, civilisations, religions, faiths, civil sectors, government and non-government organisations in Australia and the Asia Pacific region. The project is aimed at getting to know each other and the rest of the world so that the East and West can meet to shake hands in a friendly and sincere manner and build the world together

  • GDF - Global Village Consulting and Education

    GDF envisions establishing schools or similar educational facilities, where people interested in furthering cultural development and creativity, and those interested in working in the fields of welfare and human rights, or cultural and native fields, all connected with solving conflicts and negotiating on problems that exist at various levels. Furthermore, the project includes GDF coaching lessons and advices for community/corporate leaders and organisations on various issues regarding building peaceful multicultural society, through a local and global network of intercultural/interreligious dialogue and cooperation, while maintaining cultural identity, heritage and peaceful constructive and progressive cooperation, based on mutual recognition, dignity and respect for common good.

  • Main Focus Countries of Activities

    Australia - India - Australia and New Zealand - Melanesia - Polynesia - Micronesia - South-Eastern Asia - Australia