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Global Ethic Foundation for Inter-Cultural and Inter-Religious Research, Education and Encounter

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  • Fondation éthique planétaire; Stiftung Weltethos; Fundación Ética Mundial

    • Waldhaeuserstrasse 23, 72076 Tuebingen, Germany

    • Werdertorgasse 7, Vienna 1010, Austria
      Bad Schoenbrunn, 6313 Edlibach-Zug, Switzerland
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To teach intercultural and ethical skills to promote dialogue, cooperation and peace between religions and cultures.


1995, by financial assistance of Count Karl Konrad von der Groeben, following publication, 1990, of the book 'Global Responsibility' by Professor Hans Kueng, and with help of Institut fuer Oekumenische und Interreligioese Forschung. 2012 The foundation established the Global Ethic Institute at the University of Tübingen in Germany. Funded by the Karl Schlecht Foundation, the institute addresses issues concerning globalization and economic ethics through research and teaching.

IRD Activities

  • Symposia/Conferences

    The aim of symposia and conferences is to deepen the dialogue between different parties

  • Global Ethic in the School

    Global Ethic lectures on global ethic themes are taking place almost every week in school classes to activate dialogue with and within the students. Furthermore, the foundation gives teacher training courses throughout Germany

  • WESPE (Welt-Ethos-Schulpreise)

    WESPE was launched in Tuebingen and offered monetary prizes for creative learning projects touching on the Global Ethic theme. The participating school classes, groups, and teachers were invited to carry out projects that deal in a practical manner with ethically relevant problems of our society, e.g. urgent social problems or issues arising in the areas of politics, sport, biology, chemistry, medicine, further, projects which would expand awareness of other religions and cultures, or, finally, which would promote in a practical manner living together while respecting each other in line with the Global Ethic

  • Youth Camp 'Find Your World'

    The Foundation organised a summer camp where young people from the three world religions could experience living together

  • The Penang Global Ethic Project in Malaysia

    The project is highly relevant to a multi-cultural, multi-ethnic, multi-religious society and its goal is to widely promote the concept of unity in diversity. It was launched with a series of lectures, forums, tours and exhibitions. The Penang Global Ethic Project serves to remind us all of the importance of understanding and recognising faiths and cultures different from our own

  • Friedolin - youth book prize

    This book prize aims to arouse interest and thereby raise awareness among young readers of themes such as tolerance, solidarity and integrity. The prize-winning books focus on the discovery and experience of similarities and the meaning of morality.

  • Main Focus Countries of Activities

    Switzerland - Austria - Czechia - Germany - Slovenia - Bosnia and Herzegovina - Colombia - Mexico - USA - India - China - Germany - Tuebingen, Germany - Austria - Penang, Malaysia - Virtual