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Global Family for Love and Peace

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Transform the power of love into action.


GFLP has promoted Interfaith and Peace work since its inception in 2002, especially also through its continuous series of Buddhist-Muslim Dialogues around the world, one of which was held at Peking University in 2006.

IRD Activities

  • Buddhist-Muslim Dialogue Series

    Interreligious dialogue and cooperation between faith communities has become as imperative and urgent for world peace as ever before. Interfaith work that embraces both the grass-roots level and the religious leadership level of communities offers solutions to problems where political and diplomatic approaches have failed

  • The Week of Global Interreligious Dialogue

    The initiative partners with 11 Days of Global Unity, an annual worldwide promotion of peace, justice, sustainability and transformation, beginning on September 11th and culminating on the International Day of Peace, September 21st.

  • Main Focus Countries of Activities

    USA - Malaysia - Indonesia - India - China - France - Morocco - Iran - India - Israel - Jordan - Pakistan - Mozambique - Uganda - Kenya - Nigeria - Ghana - Australia - China - Finland - Philippines - UK - USA - South Africa