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Global Fellowship of Christian Youth

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Connect 72 youth organisations in 68 countries around the world.


Global Fellowship was formed in 1963 to provide a meeting point for Boys’ Brigade organisations around the world and to establish each national organisation as autonomous, rather than following instructions from the UK. Our first member was established over 130 years ago by Sir William Alexander Smith with the establishment of The Boys’ Brigade in the United Kingdom & Republic of Ireland (BBUK). In 1963 the international department of BBUK was replaced by ‘The World Conference of The Boys’ Brigade’. The objective of the new entity was to ensure that ownership and the decisions of BB were shared internationally, rather than under the jurisdiction of the UK alone. In 2002 the World Conference underwent a name change and became known as the Global Fellowship (GF) of Christian Youth. This change was to acknowledge the growing and diverse nature of youth organisations who desire to partner with us. While some work exclusively with boys and young men, others welcome boys, girls, teenagers and young adults from the age of 5 to 25 years. Along with the name change in 2002, GF began a formal affiliation with the World Council of Churches. This relationship affirms that our primary partnership is with the Christian church.

IRD Activities

  • Training program for youth

    Global Fellowship's partner FDF in Denmark provides funancial support to enable two young people aged 18 – 28 from member organisations to attend each year its new international leadership-training program in Denmark in school Silkeborg Højskole. The Christian view of life is part of this school. But a participant is free in relation to his or her view of life. The school does not make any specific denominational demands as to who the participant is and what he or she believes in. On the contrary, this is a place where a participant may breathe freely. By meeting the viewpoints and experience of other people a young person gains a deeper understanding of his or her own self and gets an insight into the world we live in. Silkeborg Højskole considers international involvement a most important issue and via both instruction and social activities it tries to encourage dialogue and understanding between its Danish students and students coming from different geographical and cultural backgrounds.

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    Silkeborg, Denmark