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Global Peace Foundation

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Builds broad awareness of the central importance of universal principles and shared values as the basis for social cohesion and peacebuilding; develops a multi-sector movement of moral and innovative leaders who work in partnership to address the critical issues of conflict and underdevelopment in communities, nations, and regions; empowers families as the primary means of instilling values and promotes an education culture that fosters character and creativity, to guide youth to become ethical global citizens; builds comprehensive, collaborative models of sustainable community and national development that enable all to achieve fulfillment and material well-being.


The Global Peace Foundation was founded in 2009 by Dr. Hyun Jin Moon.

IRD Activities

  • Interreligious and Community Peace Building

    Basic human values—respect and compassion for all people, honoring the family, living with integrity—are vitally important to people of all faiths and backgrounds. Emphasizing these shared values, the Global Peace Foundation works with faith leaders and faith communities to transcend differences, resolve identity-based conflict and build sustainable peace based on recognition that all people are members of One Family Under God.

  • Main Focus Countries of Activities

    Brazil - Cambodia - Guatemala - India - Indonesia - Ireland - Japan - Kenya - South Korea - North Korea - Malaysia - Mongolia - Nepal - Nigeria - Paraguay - Phillipines - Tanzania - Thailand - Uganda - USA - Uruguay