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Grains of Peace

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  • Graines de Paix

    • Rue Cornavin 11, CH-1201, Geneva, Switzerland
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Develop educational solutions that promote academic growth, the prevention of violence and societal peace.


Grains of Peace is an NGO with charitable status, specialising in peace education, founded in Geneva in 2005.

IRD Activities

  • Intercultural Peace Programme

    This programme encourages young and less young people from different cultures to meet, to become interested in cross-cultural human values (cultural, religious and institutional) and to develop activities that encourage them to appreciate each other. Grains of Peace organises conferences and debates on themes that concern society, cultures, and religions. It develops intercultural awareness workshops, tools for developing intercultural skills, consideration of the human values present in religions, cultures and public texts worldwide, and a collection of quotations, proverbs and short stories from cultures all over the world.

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