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Hanns Seidel Foundation

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  • Hanns Seidel Stiftung

    • Lazarettstrasse 33, 80636, Munich, Germany

    • Rue du Trône 60, 1050 Brussels, Belgium
      3212 O Street, NW, Suite 4, Washington, DC 20007, USA
      38, Keren Hayesod Street, Jerusalem 92149, Israel
      Moscow, Russian Federation
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Foster the democratic and civic education of the German people on the basis of Christianity; promote education, popular and vocational training, including scholarships for students, in particular by opening up access to an academic training for gifted people with the appropriate character; foster the academic sector, especially by means of conducting academic studies; foster international attitudes and understanding between nationalities and to promote European unification, especially by inviting foreign groups and supporting journeys abroad; sponsor cultural aims, especially to promote the preservation and maintenance of cultural works; promote the preservation of monuments; promote development aid.


Founded 11 Apr 1967 in Munich, Germany.

IRD Activities

  • Work in Eastern Mediterranean

    The focus of HSF's work in this region is on promoting tolerance, democracy and peaceful co-existence, intercultural and inter-religious dialogue, good governance, civil society, the role of women in economy and society, minorities and marginalised groups, a citizen-oriented administration, vocational development in the school and extracurricular sector, ecological sustainability and environmental awareness

  • Work in South and Southeast Asia

    The focus of HSF's work in this region is on promotion of regional integration and federalism, intercultural and -religious dialogue (programmes towards promotion of toleration, ethnic and religious diversity and also towards general), civil duties, rule of law, ecological sustainability and environmental awareness, sustainable economic and social policies.

  • Main Focus Countries of Activities

    Israel - Jordan - Lebanon - State of Palestine - Syria - India - Indonesia - Myanmar - Pakistan - Thailand - Viet Nam - Philippines - Laos