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Institute of Advanced Islamic Studies

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  • Institut des Hautes Études Islamiques

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Facilitate knowledge of Islam, through courses, conferences, and exhibitions; inform the public about the spiritual, intellectual, and cultural heritage of the Islamic civilisation, participating in current debates within the Muslim world; participate in the public debate in French society, acting as an interface with public administrations, the media, the research and education community, and civil society; encourage intercultural dialogue, working in partnership with Muslim institutions and mosques, promoting dialogue between cultures and religions, especially with Jews and Christians.


Founded in 1994, on the initiative of a group of French and Italian Muslim intellectuals.

IRD Activities

  • Intercultural Mediation and Euro-Mediterranean trade

    IHEI developed this programme based on cooperation with the French region of Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur and the Italian region of Liguria. The project includes activities dealing with intercultural education, the training of imams, interreligious dialogue and conflict prevention. It also promotes collaborative relationships with Muslim countries on the other shore of the Mediterranean and the rest of the world, including in terms of economic and trade exchanges. The proposed activities are mainly seminars and training courses for teachers, trainers and social mediators in schools and institutions to facilitate coexistence and social integration, especially among the youth

  • French Institute of Muslim Civilisation

    Collaboration with the Great Mosque of Lyon led to the creation of this institute in 2006, a place for knowledge, research and intercultural exchange. It aims to promote education, social mediation, interreligious dialogue, and culture.

  • Main Focus Countries of Activities

    France - Italy - France