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Inter-Faith Activity and Partnership for Peace

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    • Lux Terra Leadership Foundation Complex, Villa Nova Estate, Apo-Dutse, PO Box 17617, Garki Area 10, Abuja, Nigeria
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Provide a credible and trusted platform for dialogue between people of different faiths; provide opportunity for information sharing between religious leaders on major governance and development challenges confronting Nigeria and how to better respond to these collectively; identify strategies and means of strengthening inter-religious relations at the community, state, regional and national levels; work out modalities for stemming the rising tension between Christians and Muslims; identify strategies for combating the Boko Haram challenge.


In 2012, a meeting - partnership between the Lux Terra Leadership Foundation, Abuja and Islamic Education Trust, Minna - was convened to provide a forum for consultations among leading Islamic and Christian clerics, advocates and opinion leaders dedicated to peaceful coexistence among Nigerians about how to systematically address and reverse the worsening state of interfaith relations in Nigeria.

IRD Activities

  • Conferences

    Conferences, knowledge sharing forums, and strategy sessions are held regularly to discuss experiences and strategies for peace-building and conflict resolution/management among clerics and community leaders from conflict-prone and conflict-impacted communities, especially those that are dealing with the Boko Haram challenge

  • Interfaith Forum

    The Interfaith Forum (IFF) features people of different faiths with a moderator, discussing topical issues, with emphasis on our similarities and what binds us, as well as breaking down negative stereotypes. It aims to empower, with appropriate and correct knowledge, people who may have cause to directly or indirectly engage and dialogue with extremists, provide a platform for interfaith dialogue that the general public can participate in, as well as dispel dangerous rumours and misconceptions

  • Database

    IFAPP gathers data for a database of known religious leaders across the country to send invites to them to attend the conferences and discuss the strategies to restore peace and maintain religious tolerance in Nigeria

  • Jingles

    Production of short jingles that use religious passages to dispel wrong messages about issues, such as jihad and crusade and shift public focus to the messages of peace. The jingles would enlighten the targeted Muslim and Christian population especially the youth and will have an uplifting feel using peace time footage and photographs with short bursts of quotes from the Qur'an and Hadith and Christian Scriptures

  • Networking

    IFAPP builds and maintains an informal relationship with religious as well as political leaders to help further the goals and objectives set out by IFAPP.

  • Main Focus Countries of Activities

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