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Interfaith Community Initiatives

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Transform Greater Atlanta into a model city for interfaith appreciation and cooperation; Offer and participate in innovative, inviting programmes that inspire deep engagement in interfaith appreciation and cooperation.


Interfaith Community Initiatives is the dba name for The Interfaith Community Institute (ICI), a non-profit organisation. ICI was originally organised in 1996 as the “Community Institute” and housed two programmes – health and spirituality and race relations across the colour, religious, and cultural divides.

IRD Activities

  • World Pilgrims

    This programme is based on the principle that before people of different religions can constructively discuss their differences they need to develop personal relationships with each other. An atmosphere of friendship and trust must be established, before honest and productive dialogue can take place about areas of disagreement. In the end, the goals are not to "convert" one's religious or political beliefs, but rather to increase empathy and understanding, reduce conflict, and ultimately create opportunities for cooperative action

  • Interfaith Immersion

    Interfaith Immersion weekends offer individuals an opportunity to learn about other faiths through visiting each other's places of worship, sharing in conversations, eating and meditating together. More than just information, this experience allows new relationships to blossom and new understandings to emerge

  • Interfaith Contemplative Groups

    Interfaith Contemplative Groups create an environment where persons of various faiths can gather monthly for contemplative practice and community building. These groups are purposefully designed to focus on personal experience and inter-personal relationships rather than institutionalised theology and doctrine. The gatherings begin with contemplative practice. Then, the participants engage in discussion on the personal spirituality of our participants, or a topic that allows them to share experiences from each other's faith perspective. Group facilitators gently guide discussions to ensure all voices are heard

  • Atlanta InterFaith Leaders Fellowship

    This programme provides a gathering place where people engaged in interfaith work can share ideas and experiences for the purposes of support and inspiration. ICI endeavors to encourage the members in their efforts to transform Atlanta into a model city of cooperation, understanding, and respect across the boundaries of diverse religious traditions. Members meet quarterly and attend fellowship events. Membership is free and is open to anyone with an interest in interfaith endeavours

  • ICI Speakers Bureau

    As our communities, schools, and work places become more diverse it is important that we develop a more global understanding. ICI's pool of Interfaith Educators and Leaders can help to open the doors for thoughtful, open discussion, allowing the organisations to flourish.

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