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Interfaith Encounter Association

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  • אגודת המפגש הבין דתי ; جمعية اللقاء بين الديانات

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Promote peace in the Middle East through interfaith dialogue and cross-cultural study.


Interfaith dialogue was established in Israel in the late 1950's by a small group of visionaries (which included Martin Buber). Despite decades of commendable interfaith activities in the country, only an extremely limited circle of individuals have recognised that religious faith and commitment without dialogue threatens the stability of society. In light of the above, a group of concerned longtime interfaith activists formed the Interfaith Encounter Association in 2001. In its thirteen years of existence, the IEA has held – in its three regional focuses: within Israel, between Israelis and Palestinians and in the larger Middle East – more than 1900 programs, with many thousands of participants. A most significant fact is that the participants in IEA programs include people of all political and religious views, as well as all ages, genders, walks of life etc., and that the vast majority of them have met 'the other' for the first time through IEA. As of this date the IEA has founded 69 ongoing community-groups of interfaith encounter – from the Upper Galilee to Eilat, including 16 groups that bring together on a regular basis Israelis and West Bank Palestinians.

IRD Activities

  • Interfaith Encounters – Citizens Building Communities

    The goal of this project is to create on-going groups across the Holy Land, each develops into a “mini-community” that exemplifies the desired relations of mutual respect and friendship while respecting and reinforcing the unique identity of each community. These groups then act as models for the surrounding community of how multiple faiths can live side by side in peace while becoming growing islands of coexistence communities

  • Women's Interfaith Encounters

    In these encounters, Muslim, Christian, Druze and Jewish women study topics of relevance to women from the perspective of the different religions. Not only is interfaith study is used as a vehicle for understanding, acceptance and respect for the ‘other', but also as a way to deepen awareness of one's own religion. Through monthly meetings and shared religious celebrations and conferences, the groups create a sacred space of trust, harmony and support during difficult times

  • Youth Interfaith Encounters

    The Youth Interfaith Encounter groups are geared to young people and coordinated by young people. As the general groups and the women's groups, they develop into “mini-communities” that seek to induce the desired change in the larger society among future leaders. They also bring the unique energy and fresh thinking of young people to the IEA as a whole

  • Israeli-Palestinian Dialogue

    Regular interfaith meetings and conferences in cooperation with Palestinian organizations, with the objective to build peace between the two nations on a people-to- people level

  • The Middle East Abrahamic Forum

    An annual conference of people from all three Abrahamic religions who aim to support both cross-cultural understanding and mutual respect as powerful tools for peace building in the Middle East

  • Cross-Cultural Study Visits

    This program sponsors field trips to various sacred locations and archeological sites with the objective of educating the public about the meaning and significance of the land, and its value to each of the monotheistic traditions

  • God's Holy Mountain

    The project aims to transform the Temple Mount, from a place of contention and strife to one that is truly God's Holy Mountain, a house of prayer for all people

  • Praying Together in Jerusalem

    The annual pick event hosted at the Tantur Ecumenical Institute in Jerusalem. Approximately 170 people gathered for prayer, mutual reflection, and to express their intention to respect and embrace their differences and similarities

  • Debate for Peace

    Debate for Peace brings together Arab and Jewish students from all over Israel to participate in Model United Nations conferences, where they debate, negotiate and try to resolve the most difficult and pressing challenges in international relations.

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