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Interfaith Mediation Center

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    • 12 Constitution Road by Kigo Road, Kaduna, Nigeria
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Create a peaceful society through non-violence and strategic engagement in Nigeria and beyond; apply our interfaith approach; ensure peaceful coexistence irrespective of religious persuasion; and respect the faith of others.


In 1995, Wuye and Ashafa formed the IMC, a religious grass-roots organization that successfully mediates between Christians and Muslims throughout Nigeria and has worked extensively in Chad, Kenya, and Sudan with amazing success stories.

IRD Activities

  • Tolerance Project

    Since 2012, IMC has been engaged in implementing a five year project tagged ‘Training of Leaders on Religious & National Coexistence’ (TOLERANCE). The project aims to increase political stability and ensure development in the North East, North West and North Central Nigeria by building peaceful coexistence among different faiths, mitigating extremism through strategic interventions, and increasing legitimacy and capacity of governance structures to defend religious freedom. Through targeted peace interventions, training in dialogue practices and network building, IMC aims to reduce ethno-religious conflict and improve religious tolerance in Nigeria

  • North-East Regional Initiative (NERI) Project

    In recent years, Yobe state in northeastern Nigeria has witnessed ethno-religious conflict, attacks by the militant group Boko Haram, and a resulting influx of internally displaced persons (IDPs), all contributing to a deterioration of the state's stability and increased vulnerability to outbreaks of violence. IMC has been working for many years to address these issues and promote co-existence in several states in Nigeria. IMC conducts training, advocacy, and media activities with the goal to prevent and mitigate conflict, and have experience of building networks for peace through the model of establishing Conflict Mitigation and Management Regional Councils (CMMRCs). With the establishment of these CMMRCs and Early Warning Early Response (EWER) mechanisms in Yobe, IMC initiated radio and television interfaith dialogues, and conducted trainings on violence prevention and trauma counseling for community leaders, youth, and women. The NERI project will support IMC to increase the capacity of community members and leaders in Yobe to prevent and resolve conflict

  • Capacity Building of Faith Based Organizations

    One of the strategies of IMC is capacity building and mentoring faith based organizations. IMC trains faith based organizations across the country and give them capacity to mediate in conflict situations using the unique interfaith model. The organizations are given capacity on early warning, early response mechanism, mediation and dialogue skills and best practices in corporate governance

  • Interfaith Media Dialogue

    The electronic media remains a potent tool in peace building owing to its wide reach and appeal to all classes of people. IMC runs television and radio programs, where prevailing issues that threaten peaceful coexistence are exhaustively discussed with scriptural texts from the two dominant religions to buttress IMC's position. Once in a while, notable cross-religious faith leaders are invited to contribute to the media dialogue and add their voices to the topic in question. IMC encourages an interactive space and open communication with the general public through phone-ins that provide an opportunity to contribute to the topic of the day.

  • Main Focus Countries of Activities

    Bauchi, Nigeria - Borno, Nigeria - Kaduna, Nigeria - Kano, Nigeria - Plateau, Nigeria - Sokoto, Nigeria - Yobe, Nigeria - Nigeria - Nigeria