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International Catholic Conference of Scouting

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  • Conférence Internationale Catholique du Scoutisme; Conferencia Internacional Católica de Escultismo; Internationale Katholische Konferenz des Pfadfindertums

    • Piazza Pasquale Paoli 18, 00186 Rome, Italy

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Contribute to the complete education of young people through Scouting from the point of view of the Catholic faith; cooperate in developing and enhancing the spiritual dimension of Scouting in accordance with the unity and the diversity of the World Scout Movement; ensure that Catholic Scouts are actively present in the Church and guarantee communication between the Catholic Church and the World Scout Movement; establish the right relationship between membership in the Church and membership in the Scout Movement, and dialogue with other creeds in Scouting; provide the opportunity for its members to meet together as friends, and for Catholic Scout leaders and officials to share their experiences as providers of an educational service from the viewpoint of the Catholic faith.


Founded in 1948, Luxembourg, as successor to International Office for Catholic Scouting, created in 1920. New Statutes approved by Holy See in June 1962 and Nov 1975. Original title: International Catholic Scouting Conference - Conférence internationale du scoutisme catholique; current title adopted 1975.

IRD Activities

  • Keep the Lamp Burning Programs

    The ICCS, and the ICCG, International Conferences of Catholic Scouting/Guiding, for enlighten the celebrations of 100 years of Catholic Scouting/Guiding, are launching an international and inter-religious event for the Scout and Guide Movements, to be held in the Holy Land, a place of high significance for the Catholics and for any Abrahamic religion (Jews, Christians, Muslims) and presently playing a key role in the World's struggle for peace. ICCS organizes a Pilgrimage through Israel, Palestine and Jordan from 01st to 06th April 2015

  • Interreligious Symposium Learning to Live Together – Tolerance and Solidarity

    In 2003, the World Scout Interreligious Symposium 'Learning to Live Together – Tolerance and Solidarity' was convened by the World Organization of the Scout Movement and ICCS. 115 Scout Leaders from 33 countries and 12 religious denominations participated by discussing ways to become 'artisans of peace and justice in the world'

  • World Seminar Interreligious Dialog – Contributions of the ICCS

    ICCS organized its World Seminar in Tunisia in 2015. ICCS committed itself to the challenge to become 'artisans of peace and justice in the world' and focused its 2005 World Seminar on the theme 'Interreligious Dialog – Contributions of the ICCS'.

  • Main Focus Countries of Activities

    Israel - State of Palestine - Jordan - Valencia, Spain - Tunis, Tunisia