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International Center for Ethno-Religious Mediation

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Develop alternative methods of preventing and resolving interethnic and interreligious conflicts in countries around the world.


With a unique, comprehensive, and coordinated approach to address ethnic and religious conflicts in countries around the world, ICERM was legally incorporated in April 2012 with the New York State Department of State as a nonprofit membership corporation organized and operated exclusively for scientific, educational, and charitable purposes as defined by Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986. In January 2014, ICERM was approved by the United States Federal Internal Revenue Service (IRS) as a 501 (c) (3) tax exempt public charity, nonprofit and non-governmental organization. The founder of ICERM is Basil Ugorji.

IRD Activities

  • Living Together Retreat

    ICERM is launching this specialized retreat program primarily for mixed married couples and young people who are preparing for mixed marriages: inter-racial marriage, inter-ethnic marriage, inter-cultural marriage, inter-religious marriage, interfaith marriage, international marriage, as well as marriages involving people with differing philosophical, political, humanistic or spiritual ideologies. This retreat is also good for couples within the diaspora and immigrant communities, especially those who went or wish to go back to their home countries to marry

  • Ethno-Religious Conflict Mediation Training

    The goal of ICERM ethno-religious conflict mediation training is to prepare and equip participants with the theoretical and practical tools and skills needed to successfully prevent, manage and resolve tribal, ethnic, racial, cultural, religious or sectarian conflicts through proper analysis, policy design, mediation and dialogue

  • Peace Education

    Peace education is a constructive and non-controversial way to enter into the community, to gain cooperation and to help students, teachers, school principals, directors or headmasters, parents, community leaders, etc., to begin reflecting on the possibility of peace in their communities. ICERM creates and establishes peace education programs that could bridge the gap and engage new generation in interethnic and interreligious dialogue and in the resolution of ethno-religious conflicts. These programs are organized for students belonging to different religious and ethnic backgrounds, teachers, school principals, directors or headmasters, parents, and leaders of the different ethnic groups and religions. The programs’ objective consists in transferring knowledge and developing strategies with the participants on ways to strengthen interethnic, interracial and interreligious cooperation and the forms of conflict resolution

  • Peace Exchange Program

    Given the fact that the role of the young people is vital in fostering forgiveness, reconciliation, understanding, peace and unity, ICERM regularly organizes ethno-religious peace exchange programs for students from many countries. This exchange program is dedicated to bringing young individuals of different ethnicities and religions together so as to forge bonds of friendship that will positively impact changes in the society, and deepen good relationships and understanding

  • Arts and Sports

    Many students actively engage in journalism, sports, poetry, and music or in other forms of arts and literature in their schools. For this reason, some of them would be interested in spreading ethno-religious peace programs through the power of writing and music. They can thus contribute to the establishment of peace by writing on the effects of mediation and dialogue, and subsequently submit them for publication. Engaging the young people in creative artistic activities and sports for ethno-religious peace, ICERM stimulates links and understanding among ethnic and religious groups, and rings out the importance of peace in society through the organization of sports competitions, arts and crafts, community projects, film and theater festivals, peace concerts, intercultural and interreligious festivals, music festivals, dance, and peace walk, as well as other forms of artistic expressions, like paintings, writings, role plays, patriotic music or songs performed by talented individuals, stirring the listeners’ pride and love for their country. ICERM also initiates the writing and presentation of poems with heartfelt and inspiring words, expressing love and pride of one’s country. The organization also initiates patriotic videos which include presentations dedicated to ethno-religious mediation and dialogue, with a focus on those common elements (for instance, the military, founding fathers, national symbols, heroes, memorable events, etc.) that bind people and the different groups together irrespective of religious backgrounds and ethnic origins

  • Research and on-line databases

    The purpose of the program is to provide technical, multidisciplinary and result-oriented research on ethnic and religious conflicts in countries around the world. Central to this program is the publication of the Journal of living together and the creation and maintenance of online databases of world ethnic and religious groups, interfaith dialogue and mediation organizations, centers for ethnic and, or religious studies, and diaspora associations. The database of world ethnic and religious groups, for example, will highlight current and historical zones, trends and nature of conflicts, as well as provide information on conflict prevention, management and resolution models previously used, and the limitations of those models

  • ICERM Radio

    As an essential part of the education and dialogue programs, the purpose of ICERM radio is to educate people about ethnic and religious conflicts, and to create opportunities for interethnic and interreligious exchanges, communication and dialogue. Through programming that informs, educates, engages, mediates, and heals, ICERM radio promotes positive interaction among people of different tribes, ethnicities and religious persuasions, helps to increase tolerance and acceptance, and supports sustainable peace in the most vulnerable and conflict regions of the world

  • Peace Ambassadors Initiative

    There are many ethnic group associations in New York and across the United States. Similarly, religious groups from many countries in the world have religious organizations in the United States. One of the objectives of ICERM is to nurture and promote a dynamic synergy among diaspora ethnic and religious associations in New York and across the United States for a proactive ethno-religious conflict resolution in countries around the world. The purpose is to inform and educate the members of these associations to become ambassadors of peace in their various countries of origin

  • The Living Together Movement

    It is an important civic initiative designed to help prevent and resolve ethnic, racial and religious conflicts through dialogue, open-hearted discussions, compassionate and empathic listening, and diversity celebration. Organized in small group forums in schools and communities around the world, members of the Living Together Movement are peace-driven individuals who recognize the same humanity in all peoples and are passionate about bridging the gap between different races, ethnicities, religions, political views, genders, generations and nationalities in order to increase respect, tolerance, acceptance, understanding and harmony in the world

  • One God Day

    One God Day is an international observance day to encounter people of other religions, faiths or beliefs in order to increase mutual respect, understanding, empathy and unity in diversity, as well as to provide a meeting place for forgiveness, healing, reconciliation, peace and harmony

  • Peace Run

    Organisation supports campaign events "Run to Syria with an olive branch" and "Run to Nigeria with an olive branch" that can be organized by different communities in different countries

  • World Youth Convention

    The Center currently plans to host the first World Youth Convention on Ethnic, Racial and Religious Understanding in New York City. The anticipated participants to this convention are young leaders who are currently holding key leadership positions in international, regional, national, or local youth organizations or associations, and whose functions are consistent with or relevant to the mission, vision and purposes of the Center.

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