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International Committee for the Peace Council

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    • 112 Grant Street, Madison, WI 53711, USA
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Understand one another and work together so that those of us who profess belief in our respective faiths can work for the common cause of humanity.


The Peace Councilors met for the first time in November, 1995. They agreed on a statement of purpose and commitment. From many faiths, they had a common concern with their responsibilities face-to-face with suffering.

IRD Activities

  • Campaign to Ban Landmines

    The project comprised the participation in the International Campaign to Ban Landmines, including the organization of interfaith services in conjunction with diplomatic and NGO meetings in Geneva, Brussels, Maputo, Mozambique, Oslo, and Ottawa, and the organization of world-wide days of prayer for victims of land mines. In two places (Maputo and Ottawa) the Peace Council's involvement with local religious leaders resulted in organizing the interfaith events resulting in the creation or the re-invigoration of local interfaith councils. The Peace Council also organized international days of prayer, and interfaith services at meetings of NGOs and diplomats negotiating a land mine ban treaty

  • Northern Ireland

    The council met with local peacemakers and groups promoting reconciliation and dialogue in Northern Ireland.

  • Main Focus Countries of Activities

    Geneva, Switzerland - Brussels, Belgium - Maputo, Mozambique - Oslo, Norway - Ottawa, ON, Canada - UK