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International Council of Christians and Jews

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  • Amitié internationale judéo-chrétienne; Internationaler Rat der Christen und Juden; Consejo Internacional de Cristianos y Judíos

    • Martin Buber House, PO Box 1129, 64629 Heppenheim, Germany
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Promote understanding and cooperation between Christians and Jews based on respect for each other's identity and integrity; address issues of human rights and human dignity deeply enshrined in the traditions of Judaism and Christianity; counter all forms of prejudice, intolerance, discrimination, racism and the misuse of religion for national and political domination; affirm that in honest dialogue each person remains loyal to his or her own essential faith commitment, recognising in the other person his or her integrity and otherness; perform outreach in regions that so far have little or no structured Jewish-Christian dialogue, such as Eastern Europe, Africa, and the Far East; provide a platform for wide-ranging theological debate in order to add a religious choice to the contemporary search for answers to existential and ethical challenges.


Foundation in May 1955, Saarbruecken, Germany as a 'Liaison Centre'. Name changed to Liaison Committee of Secretaries of Organizations for Christian-Jewish Cooperation -- Comité de liaison des secrétaires des groupes d'amitié judéo-chrétiennes in January 1958, Paris, France. Subsequently, in December 1960, London, UK, name changed to International Consultative Committee of Organizations for Christian - Jewish Cooperation -- Comité de liaison international des groupes d'amitié judéo-chrétienne. Present name adopted in 1974.

IRD Activities

  • Abrahamic Forum

    The Abrahamic Forum is a trilateral Jewish-Christian-Muslim committee. In recognition of the growing impact of Islam in the Western world, the essential need for dialogue, tolerance and respect and for overcoming fears and prejudices has been taken into account. Recognising as well the important role that Christians and Jews can and should play in this dialogue, the ICCJ decided to widen the scope of its activities and to contribute from the most successful experience gathered in many years of Christian-Jewish dialogue to the trilateral field of Jewish-Christian-Muslim dialogue

  • The Annual YLC Conference

    The purpose of the annual conference is to bring together young people from diverse religious backgrounds and geographical locations in order to both encourage and train them in skills relating to participation in Interfaith Dialogue. The Young Leadership Council (YLC) is the youth branch of the International Council for Christians and Jews and is an organiser of the Annual YLC Conference. YLC's board includes people from various Jewish, Christian, and Muslim traditions from around the world. The yearly conference typically overlaps with the ICCJ conference and holds joint sessions in order to cement relationships between the youth branch and senior members of the ICCJ.

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    Berlin, Germany - Krakow, Poland - Heppenheim, Germany - Manchester, UK - Aix-en-Provence, France - Dublin, Ireland - Krakow, Poland - Manchester, UK - Colonia Valdense, Uruguay