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International Federation of Catholic Parochial Youth Movements

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  • Fédération Internationale des Mouvements Catholiques d'Action Paroissiale

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Unite and support the member organizations; offer opportunities to come together in a spirit of fraternity and mutual understanding; create the feeling of a community and stimulate educational exchanges on issues concerning youth and youth work; help uncover and understand the specific needs of children and young people all over the world; build upon the local experiences of its members to track down the needs of young people and youth workers and to develop actions to deal with these needs; represent the member organizations in international bodies and to be a voice of young people; build with and through young people a better world and a living Church.


The far origins are to be found in the fifties. The responsible people of the French, Belgian and Dutch youth organisations had been meeting and collaborating for several years. The project of an "International" organisation emerged in 1959 in Luzern, Switzerland. During the 1960 "Eucharistic Congress" in Munich, Germany, a first conference of "General Communities of Parochial Youth" was held, gathering delegates from all the organisations. Then in October 1961 in Munich, Germany 11 organisations from four continents gathered for the foundation of Fimcap. During Easter of 1962 the existence of Fimcap was proclaimed in Rome, Italy, to all. The first group which formed the federation developed the whole concept of Fimcap. They tried to incorporate several national trends into their work. Only after a period of reflection and prliminary discussion with the national leaders were plans set in to motion and were events organised. During the seventies structure began to emerge, activities were considerd and an important principal decision was made: the member organisations should work on an an international as well as on a bilateral level. Furthermore Fimcap became member of several European and International organizations and bodies. In 1976 the Holy See officially recognised Fimcap as being an International Catholic Organisation (ICO), and since then Fimcap is registered at the Council of Laity in Rome. In 2006, Fimcap made a big step forward when it was recognized as a legal international non profit organisation by the Belgian governement.

IRD Activities

  • World Camp

    The FIMCAP World Camp is an international social activity organized by the International Federation of Catholic Parochial Youth Movements. The World Camp is organized every three years hosted by a member organization of FIMCAP from another country. The World Camp combines social work with intercultural exchange

  • EuroCamp

    The FIMCAP EuroCamp is an international social activity organized by the International Federation of Catholic Parochial Youth Movements. The EuroCamp is organized once a year and is each time hosted by another European member organization of FIMCAP

  • Cooperation and activities with the European Fellowhip

    FIMCAP cooperates with The European Fellowship of Christian Youth, which is an umbrella organization for Christian youth organizations from across Europe

  • Interreligious and peace activities

    FIMCAP cooperates with Religions for Peace and the European Interfaith Youth Network. Together with other European faith-based youth organisations FIMCAP helped to define the needs and benefits in the field of inter-religious dialogue

  • Diversity and peace activities

    In early 2015 FIMCAP Europe adopted a common statement for diversity, peace and respect. The statement is presented as a reaction to recent incidents in Europe and other parts in the world like the increase of extremist and far right-wing movements, attacks against refugees and against people with a particular religion or origin and violence of self-appointed “religious” fighters.

  • Main Focus Countries of Activities

    Ghana - Chile - Paraguay - Philippines - Democratic Republic of Congo - India - Rwanda - Malta - Netherlands - Italy - Lithuania - Austria - Slovakia - Switherland - Spain - Belgium - Germany - Europe - Europe - Europe