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International Intercultural Interconvictional Group

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  • Groupe International Interculturel Interconvictionnel

    • 68 Rue de Babylone, 75007 Paris, France

    • François Becker, 52, Rue de Verneuil, 75007, Paris, France
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Work for the development of European Citizenship with an emphasis on threefold dialogue: international dialogue, especially among all the peoples of Europe, intercultural dialogue among all kinds of cultures, and interconvictional dialogue among people with different world visions; work for the development of new secular public spaces, distinct from those of religious institutions, which facilitate dialogue and sharing between people who claim a humanist identity.


The G3i is an interconvictional "think tank with an eye to action". The G3i is established as an "association" (with charitable status) in French law (loi de 1901). It was founded in 2005.

IRD Activities

  • Organisation of Conferences and Roundtables

    From an interconvictional perspective, independent of religious or convictional institutions, G3i organises conferences and roundtables on issues concerning Europe, including research of shared values ​​which transcend each person's convictions, belief and interconvictional dialogue, social cohesion in Europe, and living according to one's beliefs in a multi convictional environment. G3i also organises conferences in cooperation with the Council of Europe and has been invited to conferences by other European institutions and its partner organisations

  • Studies

    G3i has conducted several studies on interconvictionality, secularism, and participatory democracy, from an interconvictional perspective. G3i has also contributed to the White Paper on Intercultural Dialogue of the Council of Europe, in particular in relation to the interreligious dimension.

  • Main Focus Countries of Activities

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